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Q: When is the next ball?

A: The Fae are a fickle being, so their balls follow the seasons rather than a Hooman calendar. As of 2024, the last, most recent ball was in Spring. So 2025 will be in Summer & so on.

Q: Is the Bad Faerie Ball all ages?

A: Due to varying levels of debauchery, the Bad Faerie Ball is a 21+ event ;)


Q: Do I have to come as a Faerie?

A: While this is a Costume Required event, we do not require all guests to be faeries! PLEASE, by all means, get creative! There are many beings in the Fae Realm & you can be anything you'd like. Elf, pixie, ogre, fawn, sprite, mermaid, pirate, etc- hell, if you just slap on a tutu we'll be tickled! Just don't come as your (*ick!) Hooman counterpart! This is a BAD Fae realm party after all & we tend to prey on those hapless Hoomans! ;)


Q: Can I pay at the door the night of the Ball?

A: YES! we always have someone manning the door! You can pay cash or pay apps as well.


Q: Are tickets transferable? I bought tickets but can't go- can I give them away or resell them?

A: No, our tickets are NON TRANSFERABLE. If you cannot make it to the ball, a full refund will be given to you PRIOR to the Ball. Just contact us & let us know- just that simple.

No refunds will be given after the Ball. You must show ID along with your ticket at the door for entrance into the ball. If you post on any of our fan pages, event pages or advertisements that you "have tickets that you need to get rid of because..." your profile will be blocked from the Fae realm & you will be 86'd from all future BFB events. This seems harsh, but the FAE DONT PLAY. This keeps the scammers out of our realm & makes it safe for our legit fans. We don't want anyone screwed out of their hard earned coin.


Q: Why is there always a discount for couples? Do you have something against us single folks?!

A: The Fae love a raucous party, so the more the merrier! Just because its a "couples" ticket doesn't mean you must be in a romantic relationship with your +1, lol! Just team up with a friend for a discount! Don't have any friends that are into this like you are? Well, feel free to jump over to our TRIBE page to join one of our fan pages & make some new fae friends! Post if anyone wants to join you in a discount! You never know who your next best friend will be!


Q: Why do you create riddles some years & some you don't?

A: As we've mentioned in previous questions, the Fae are a fickle being. They do as they like & are not under the rules of the same principles as the Hooman realm. This year was a birthday celebration for the Mistress of Chaos & being her natural self, she created much chaos playing with the Hoomans with riddles & gifties for the vigilant which were very limited!


Q: Why are the riddles so hard? Did you WANT to discourage people from attending the Ball?!

A: Riddles are a part of the way the Fae play! If you're attending a BAD FAERIE BALL- please expect the fae to be BAD- including the creator of the realm! LOL! But honestly, the riddles are created for everyone to play & enjoy- whether or not you get the answer. That's all part of the quest & journey into the Fae Realm! The Mistress tries very hard to create fun riddles that aren't too too difficult to figure out but enough of a challenge for those who love a good puzzle. Its all a part of the LARP element of our Ball. Riddles are not the only options for discounts or gifties! If you sign up for our email list, we will send info, riddles, & other fun magical things. You can also like & follow us on social media & join our fan pages to stay in the know for any announcement for fun stuff! But we certainly don't want to discourage anyone from joining us!


Q: Can I wear my sword/dagger/pointy thing?

A: No. The Fae don't dig on steel. Keep your pointy thingies to yourself.


Q: Will there be vending? How can I be a vendor?

A: Yes! We LOVE our creative Fae! But, because we usually have limited space, we require our vendors to be juried. If you are interested in being a vendor at the Ball, please jump on over to the Vendors page


Q: How can I be a performer?

A: We just LOVE new entertainment! BUT- the Mistress spends many months prior to the event organizing the whole thing & booking talent, so if you're interested in performing at the next ball, the best thing to do is hit that contact page & REACH OUT with your EPK or YouTube links of your performance. Just keep in mind that we expect our performers to follow our Fae attire.


Q: What's the location for the Ball?

A: Traditionally the Ball follows the season & generally finds new locations to reflect that. Some Fae got spoiled- the Mistress most so!_- because we called a beloved venue home for a few years in a row, but we are nomads once again, so the venue will change each year. The best bet is to sign up for our email list or follow our fan pages to keep updated with the latest news. But rest assured, the location will be posted on all flyers, posters & websites & event pages! We want you there!


Q: What's up with the costume contest & what's the prizes?

A: The costume "contest" has always been about having fun & showing off! In this realm we don't take ourselves too seriously, especially when enjoying sparkle nectar! The audience casts their votes by round of applause until we whittle it down to a winner. The winner gets whatever silly giftie the Mistress of Chaos bestows on them & they'll like it- or else, lol! Its all for fun & frivolity


Q: Do vendors get a refund if they have to cancel?

A: Because the vendor fee is utilized to promote the vendors & the event itself, a refund for a vendor fee is only available up until 2 weeks before the event. After which a refund is no longer an option. This is because by this point, as a vendor we will have already promoted you on our event pages, website & social media outlets & printed materials & we would not have enough time to fill your space & promote the new vendor (which is not fair to them either) so to keep it all fair, this was our solution for the time being. Circumstances might change in the future regarding this rule.


Q: Can our costume have stilts?

A: This answer would be entirely up to the venue & the space/ ceiling heights. If the venue is outdoors, then the BFB would not be opposed to it, but the venue HOSTING US might have restrictions for things such as that on their property. So, unless you'd like to be hired as a performer (and therefore covered under our insurance during the Ball), we would suggest that you keep those stilts at home. But we applaud your daring!


Q: Can we bring a animal to the ball?

A: While the Fae adore animals of all kinds- from fuzzy to scaly- we would prefer you left said little beasties at home.


Q: How can I be a volunteer to help out?

A: Just reach out on our contact page & let us know you'd like to help. There is no compensation for your voluntary assistance, but we will allow you free passage into the realm to compensate for your time/ sweat equity. The Mistress is quite a control freak, so the volunteer positions are very limited.

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