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Call for Sponsors

Everyone could use a little more magic in their lives & that's where the Bad Faerie Ball comes in. The BFB is the brain child of Suzanne Lugano, aka the Mistress of Chaos. Like all amazing & magical things, it was birthed from a failed venture. In 2009, Lugano and a partner attempted to create the first all ages fairy festival with a night time, adults only themed ball. It unfortunately was canceled just before it was set to happen. That night a new approach was concocted. And the plans began for the first Bad Faerie Ball. Since 2010 the local community has enjoyed, if not reveled in our little ball.

With exception of the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival, there are not many fantasy based events and there is a very large following for such. Our number of attendees has grown considerably over the years with just 50 ppl in our first year to 120-150ppl in recent years.

 For 14yrs, Suzanne has single handedly organized  & funded this event. From procuring  venues, to booking talent, creating custom themed décor & props and marketing/advertising/web design/social media and more! 

Over the years, most of the finances were taken care of from ticket sales, but due to inflation & in order to refrain from raising the ticket prices , the Bad Faerie Ball needs some help. That's where you, the sponsor comes in!

With your generous sponsorship, you will be helping us ensure the continuation of decent ticket prices, talent costs, printed material costs, videography & photography coverage, venue procurement & more!


Click the images above to learn more about each sponsorship level

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